Saturday, May 24, 2008

of "hopefully not lost in translation"

I just read a poem by Yoko Ono (from "voices from the heart") that shouts volumes to me...but I read it in I'm translating it as best as I can, in order to get the message, which I think is fabulous (I know, I should use full stops!)...across...

Here goes:

Accept your anger with gratitude
Because it is a sign that energy is being released

Do not direct it towards your family

Do not waste it on an enemy

Translate it

So it becomes life infusing

And it will be a source of immense growth

I was discussing this with a friend who didn't quite understand how anger can be turned into something good...and we came to the conclusion...that by asking "what is this anger telling me about myself and this situation that is making angry" one turns the situation into an opportunity for growth instead of a manifestation of negativity. Experiencing negative feeling is not a bad thing....IF we ask the right questions...This applies to all the other emotions....

Accept your fear with gratitude
Because it is a sign of being awake
Do not hold onto the fear
Translate it
So it becomes flexibility
And you will be free
Of the ropes that bind you to what you fear.

Accept your hurt with gratitude
As it is a sign that you are vulnerable
Do not always try to make your family to share it
Do not blame yourself for it
Translate it
So it becomes compassion

And it will bring you love

Accept with gratitude
Your search for direction
As it is a sign of aspiration
Translate the energy
So it becomes openness
And direction will come to you.

Accept with gratitude
The times when you don’t feel love
Allow, regardless, your heart to open to life
And soon enough
You will find love in yourself!

People! Have a lovely Sunday!

of a simple "or"

Your life is either

an example


a warning.

(from Anthony Robbins, Get the edge)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Believe it or not

Consumed in the last 48 hours:

200 g of M&M's
300g Chocolate cake
1 Chocolate Muffin
1 Strawberry tart cake
100g Ritter sport Butter biscuit
85g Twix
150g Sweet Almond bread

In possession of 2 danish pastries: will be consumed in 2 hours.

ETA of dreaded periods: approx. 10 hours


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

of findings

Copenhagen is a wonderful little piece of heaven in the summer :-)

Silence is golden. Sometimes.

Most truth goes through three phases:
  1. it's totally ridiculed
  2. it's violently opposed
  3. it becomes accepted as self obviously true. (Anthony Robbins, Get the edge.)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

now barking up the RIGHT tree...or trying to

When I called this blog "a search for sanity", I had no idea what I was talking about....I had no idea where it'd all go. I had something to say that I thought was too quirky to say to people in person, and thus......

...but as it is, it really does seem like I'm searching for my sanity with every single post. (Now you're warned ;-))

Last night I attended the last of Oprah Winfreys webcast classes based on Eckhart Tolles book "A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose". Great spiritual enlightenment, if ever there was any...for me anyway...for as with everything else, the "different strokes for different folks" mantra applies here as well.

This class in particular, was one of those things that was life changing, but also powerful in another way...I've been asking some questions about "what my purpose is, how to achieve it, what to do and how to do it well", and the universe (freaky huh? but there you go...I believe in the magnificent universal force that is God, and is not to be mistaken with the religious "God") has been giving me the same answers, again and again, in different ways. Last night, the mediums and conveyors of some of the answers were Oprah and Eckhart.

Eckhart is a spiritual teacher whose teachings are designed to help people achieve an awakened state of consciousness, an acceptance of the now, a transcendence of our ego-based state of consciousness and a realization of our infinite spiritual beings.

Makes sense donnit? I especially like the state of accepting the now for what it is. Difficult to do but by golly! it makes life that much damn easier....all those situations: "barking mad drivers in the traffic, moronic bosses, crazy lazy service people, life important challenges that just seem to bite ass, badass cyclones killing innocent people, badass politicians making decisions that end up killing innocent people, badass me being lazy/a bitch/loud, debilitating sicknesses that pop out of bloody nowhere and stick around for freaking ever, badass everything really, but also all the good stuff that we nervously are afraid of accepting because we don't think we deserve it"...Just start with...silently accepting that, that it is what it is. Powerful!

This is what Eckhart says:

"Acceptance of the present moment is essential as it brings clarity. Acceptance of the present removes inner resistance and brings a different energy to our every day actions. Just accepting, and not wanting this moment to be different from what it is."

Can almost feel the peace emanating from that :-)

Have a peaceful, serene but fun day!