Sunday, November 15, 2009

I've got me some "bad hair"

I had an idea that black natural hair was considered less admirable, but had no idea how pervasive this was.

So my natural hair, which is currently as nappy as nappy can get, is described as being: nappy, tough, rough, kitchen scrounge, messy, hard to care for, hard to manage, ugly, low-class, unkept, smelly, unprofessional, undesirable, unsexy, embarrassing, woolly, course, unfeminine, funny (and not in a good way) and plain ol’ nasty.

And I’m not exaggerating. Those words were used by black women in Chris Rocks new documentary, which ironically enough is called GOOD HAIR.

It’s no wonder it’s hard for black women to bear their own natural hair.
I went natural because it occurred to me that it’s wierd that I think I’m ugly when I have my own natural hair. I found it wierd dating, swimming, gymming…I just ended up hating the add ons, wigs, weaves, braids and perms, because they were ruling me.

I’m not against doing stuff to my hair, but I want to feel that I’m the master of the process, and not addicted to it.

I think it’s fun to change looks. It’s loads of fun :-) And their’s a lot of creativity that goes into the market…loads of families enjoying the economic benefits of the black hair market. It’s got it’s good side and bad side.

One of the bad sides, that I had never considered before watching good hair, is that Sodium Hydroxide is qualified as an extreme poison. I find this particularly amusing given the fact that vitamins and supplements go through more rigorous control and restrictions than an extreme poison. Hahaha

I wonder who came up with the stuff (crack cream/relaxer) in the first place.

I was going to get some wigs before seeing Rocks documentary. I’m feeling that my hair is getting to the point where I look like a clown I’ve changed my mind now. I will rock this bad ass nasty clown hair and love me, the way I was bloody born.
I’m ugly and loving it.

Who said we all have to be “beautiful” anyway?

What’s beauty anyway?

The funny thing is that white women are just as dissatisfied with their hair. They just dont have deal with the negative connotations of leaving their hair natural.
The even more funny thing is that most white people think my nappy hair is very beautiful. They loved the weaves, braids and cornrows, and they love the nappy too.

So who are the haters? Black people? Are black people propagating their own negative self perception? Why?

Maybe I’ll get me some cornrows…:-)