Friday, February 26, 2010

Natural treatment for blackheads and pimples

A week of applying lemon juice on my face before bedtime and I can see a marked decrease in pimples and blackheads.

I've been taking herbs to get my hormones back to their normal levels, after years and years of being on the pill, and I think! I think that I sort of triggered my body back to its teenage years...pimples and all.

Anyway, now there's no harm done, my hormones are balanced (no more period pains!)and my pimples and blackheads (I say that endearingly now that they are on the retreat) are slowly becoming a distant memory.

Besides that my skin tone has improved loads as well!!

I've also used honey and cinammon as a mask, a couple of times...and it cleans my skin really well.

Just a heads up for anyone out there with gorgeous skin, that's hiding unnderneath some well meaning but very annoying pimples and blackheads :-) You'll have to do the research yourself...but as with all natural remedies, with no monetary profit for producers...scientific proof of effectivity is lacking and most of the stories of "results" are doesn't make them any less real. If you feel inspired, try the lemon juice...and see for yourself :-)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Enlightenment made easy

Ah, the simple joy of learning something new.

Just saw a very expressive gay guy speak of how "nippy" the weather was while pointing at his nipples, and suddenly the connection fell into place.

Been using the word without any appreciation of its anatomical reference...haha...and now I'll have a very interesting image in my head, when I do use it again.

Brilliant! lol

Friday, February 05, 2010

Expansive consciousness

When I read Byron Katie, I can feel my whole mind shifting, and even feel the times when it doesn't want to shift. The lower mind likes to hold onto stuff, like a dog with a bone, and Katies words are, in my opinion, all about fluid, infinite and undefinable consciousness. This bogggles my lovely mind at times, and other times, I let go, and get a glimpse of a freedom...freedom that is blissfully indescribable :-D:

"A clear mind sees that any past is just a thought. There's no proof of the validity of any thought, other than another thought. And even that thought is gone, and then the thought "that thought is gone" is itself gone. There is only "now" and even "now" is a thought of the past. Actually the universe has no beginning, and it is always over."

Just a thought...oops!