Monday, March 15, 2010

Nappy hair is infectious

There is a charming peculiarity to the stubborn coiliness of natural african hair that is just positively beguiling and infectious.

Yes, I moan and groan about looking like a boy, or clown (depending on the day), or how I'd like long flowing locks...but it's all for show. Deep down inside, I feel a love and affection for my nappy kunta kinte locks, that leaves me glowing with pride and prancing about like a poodle.

I've even had a love interest write a poem to me in which my hair features as: "I want to lose my fingers in the stormy clouds of your hair" eh...wacha tu lol

And now a friend is definitely going natural too. I've also noticed how a lot of the other naturals also have hoards (ah ok..."hoards" is an exagerration for dramatic effect)....of friends and family who also go natural.

I've been blessed enough to discover natural products by Anita Grant and Faith in Nature, which leave my hair happily and softly nappy. Great products that work! are essential when it comes to natural's that or total insanity and impossible locks, followed by a fall back to the crack cream.

Let's see how many more of my friends catch my nappy fever of joy :-) While it lasts...