Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm loving: Alex Dezen

I really love it when I find something that I inexplicably like, right out of the blue. When I heard Alex Dezen's songs on the movie "Chaos Theory" my mind went still. When I like something this much my whole body tingles :-D Best feeling ever!

Not the kind of music I usually like but I love the lyrics and his throaty voice. Go Damnwells and Alex :-)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Cars that make me go mmm

Mazda Kabura and the scrumptious sls Mercedes.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Easter Browl: the modern emotionally sulky man

Its not the first time I've seen a friends boyfriend covertly drop a stinky emotional bomb right at the point where his girlfriend is having a good time. I saw my ex do this, time and time again (thanks dude :-) I'm stronger and happier now, because of you). As I look around at my co-habiting sisters, it hits me, they are emotionally stable happy women, up until the point their man finds a perfect excuse to throw a tantrum about something, anything.

My solution: No co-habitting. That way, I always kick his sorry sulky ass out when he decides to put a damper on my lovely life for NO APPARENT good reason. And a zero tolerance policy on disparaging behavior. (Man it up dudes!)

The Browl itself.

Starring: Mr. Sur Prut (Sour Fart) and My friend (his girlfriend) Kate (not her real name).

The Scene: Lovely small get together at Kates pretty apartment, three beautiful happy girls drinking wine and enjoying hor d'oeuvres and listening to good old school soul(food) music. Mr. Sur Prut is enjoying the company too, listening in on the interesting uplifting quirky conversation.

All is well until Mr. Sur Prut starts making small comments about keeping the noise down as the neighbours have a small child. He seems oblivious to the fact that one cannot hear the "noise" from our happy communing, in the sitting on the first floor, from the bathroom downstairs, in the same apartment!

We placate the man, pointing out the obvious (no noise, non to cause alarm)and continue to have a deliriously good time.

Mr. Sur Prut finally goes to bed in the bedroom downstairs.

An hour later, he calls for Kate. We know something will happen and sure enough, we are soon listening in on details of their life that we should NOT be privy to.

Essentially, the Prut, starts listing all the financial benefits that Kate enjoys courtesy of his excellency, Mr Prut. He says he's stressed, has lots of work to do over Easter and that Kate is being inconsiderate.

Kate tells him that we are not making noise and that she'll soon come to bed, they can take things up in the morning.

We continue having a good time. Kate is hell bent on us staying over, it's been a while since she had such a nice time.

Mr. Prut escalates the drama by coming upstairs and repeating the list of things...using the same verbage , like he's on repeat play. It's hysterically comical! and pathetic too.

We continued to have a good time. We know the game. Mr Prut continued to come up and perform for us, with his manic rant. Kate was having non of it and she would not go to bed until we all were so tired, we could hardly keep our eyes open. The last hour of us chatting was just so she made a point. And I could see why.

Lets forget the fact that we were not making any noise that could stop him, or anyone, from sleeping in the same house. Let's start with the fact that it's NOT his apartment, he can mosy on home to his place.

He could also be the (more than 10 years older) grown up and appreciate that his girlfriend is enjoying her easter with loving friends.

Yes he has to work, but there's a whole weekend and a holiday Monday left...plenty of bloody time. So instead of stewing in his emotional stench, he could choose to get some sleep.

Yes, he does help Kate financially, but were the table turned, and Kate was 10 years older, she'd be earning more than him and helping him instead, it's not a badge to wear like a heroic martyr.

Essentially, Mr. Prut was making a big fuss for the sake of making a big fuss.

Pity. Such a pity.